Paleo Diets

Paleo diets have become a huge deal in the United States, is this just another crazy diet fad or will it be around for awhile? Over the years there has been a ton of diets that have come and gone. The Paleo style diet is based off what the caveman ate, but it is really way off of that. What most people don’t realize is humans weren’t good hunters so cavemen very rarely ate meat. We are meat eaters but we weren’t designed to eat high volumes of meat. During the caveman days there was a wide range of foods eaten from veggies, berries, fish and probably even bugs.

Paleo diets are normally high in protein and lower in carbs, you can design your own style diet by reading many articles online. There are a lot of companies out there making products that help you live paleo lifestyle for more companies go here.

If you decide to go with this diet it will work if you stick to it. There are a million diets out there and most of them work if you stick to them, just remember if you want to lose weight its simple just reduce your calories. You don’t need to go all crazy to lose weight, another tip is to exercise a few times a week. This included with simple exercise will be a great start to your weight lose plan.