Keeping Healthy With Exercise

How to stay looking young

Here at eye boutique we sell makeup to help you look younger, but what if you could look just as young without your makeup on? Staying fit can be a huge part of looking younger the better we eat and the more we train the better chance we have of looking younger. Did you know intense exercise can help your skin stay and look healthier from the sweat cleansing out the pores in your skin? So its very important to exercise and push yourself everyday.

how to stay young

I like to exercise everyday at least Monday thru Friday and then just try to stay active on the weekends. There are days I don’t want to workout so I use a pre workout supplement to get me going. You can find these types of products at stores like they have several like Mesomorph by APS Nurtion one of my favorites.

On top of exercise your diet needs to be on point if you want to get a jump on looking younger. Make sure to eat lots of veggies and drink plenty of water to help flush the unwanted toxins from your body. This is a very important step to staying healthy and keep young looking skin. Also stay clear of foods with preservatives in them such as precooked foods.

Many supplements like fish oil can help you look younger and keep the body healthy. Hormones can play a huge part into building lean muscle and keeping the skin looking younger. Most of us age because of a drop in hormone levels, so be sure to eat foods that help boost natural hormone levels.

Training with weights helps you push yourself and keep a younger look by sweating and building lean muscle. I like to use high intensity training so that I can push myself plus it helps me stay leaner. Using a 45 min. weight sessions with 30 to 60 seconds rest between sets will help you burn fat and get fit fast. If you like to push yourself this is the type of training for you.

You will want to use some supplements like protein, bcaas and creatine to help keep the lean muscle gains coming. You can find all of these kinds of goods at a supplement superstore products and get the best deals. Take whey protein to help you increase lean muscle. Using this product will help you fight hunger between meals, some of these great tasting shakes seem like a treat. We hope this helps you stay lean and get fit!