Healthy Living

How To Live Healthy

Now a days it’s so easy to get outside of healthy living with all the pre cooked meals and fast food chains offering us poor food that carries no health benefits. To be honest most of the foods out there are full of preservatives so how do you know what to eat?

Healthy LIving

First you need to stick as much to whole foods as you can, most frozen food are full of preservatives. Stay away from pre-made meals and read the labels when you purchase frozen items. Let’s take a look at eggs no matter what we know that an egg has so much protein and that there is no way to add preservatives to an egg. This is why bodybuilders and fitness people love eggs in there diets. The amount of protein and minerals can’t be tampered with. Nuts are another whole food that can’t be messed with unless you buy canned nuts that have added sugars and salts. Whole nuts are generally safe, I love getting walnuts off of trees in the fall because I know they are 100 percent the way they were meant to be. Unless you live in a really busy city many of these untouched foods are available you just need to do a little research to find them. A great natural food is Honey, not processed honey but true pure natural honey. Honey is full of antioxidants and there are some suggestions out there that it can help prevent cancer and heart disease. There is even research that honey can help prevent ulcers and many stomach issues when used in a regular diet.

Natural veggies are not consumed enough in today’s age, whatever happen to hearing the little kid saying he doesn’t want to eat his veggies? Well that’s because they have left over 30 percent of the United States dinner tables and have been replaced with poor nutritional value foods. Green veggies can add serious health benefits and should be in every family’s diets. Without this our bodies are simply not getting the nutrients we need to stay healthy.

Fruits are another one of nature’s amazing foods now if you battle weight issues you will want to take them in moderations. Eating too much fruit could add to a few extra pounds if that is all you consume like anything else you must have a good mix of fruit in your diet.

Try some of these foods to see if you can clean up your diet and start living a healthier diet today!